Echifa Clinic provides all the medical and surgical specialties:

Orthopedic Surgery

It’s the surgical specialty which purports to prevent the locomotory disorders correction, wich cover the defects and abnormalities of the bones, the joints, the muscles , the tendons and the nerves.
The surgical treatment concerns upper limbs (shoulder, elbow and hand), lower limbs (hip, knee, and foot) and the spinal column.
This surgery focuses particularly on the traumatology: a quick overall care of traffic and domestic accidents.

Ophtalmic Surgery

The ophtalmic surgery prevents and treats ocular pathologies.

Endoscopic Surgery

It’s a visual examination method of the inside of an organ or cavity unreachable to the eye, through an optical or an endoscopic system (an illuminated tubular instrument, that uses a digital camera located at the distal end to transmit an image via an electronic cable through a video processor and on to a monitor, which is introduced through the natural orifices or through the abdominal wall).
Such a technique guarantee a more relevant and reliable information than that may be provided by an external examination.
– Gastroscopy and the colonoscopy and the duodenoscopy
– Diagnosis and treatment laparoscopy
– Celioscopic surgery (celiosurgery)

Thoracic Surgery

It’s a discipline that concers the thoracic wall, the lungs and the mediastinum.

Visceral Surgery

It’s the surgical specialty that deals mainly with pelvic-abdominal disorders therefore, visceral surgeons treat the digestive system disorders and also those of abdominal wall and other intra abdominal organs such as the spleen and the liver…

Carcinological Surgery

It’s the surgical treatment of different types of cancer.

Vascular Surgery

It’s the medical and surgical discipline for Both arterial and venous problems treatment.

Pediatric Surgery

Is a discipline intended for the children from the age range of 0 to 15 years.


Is a pathology that affects generally women, particularly pregnant women (Pregnancy follow-up normal or spontaneous delivery and caesarean section).

Urologic Lithotripsy Extracorporeal

It concerns the urinary tract pathology.Our private facility has a lithotripsy department and a high-performance laser system to fragment kidney stones and provides their removal painlessly.


It’s the medical specialty wich takes charge of the heart diseases.A various range of cardiological checkups both invasive and noninvasive are available in Echifa clinc.


Is the medical specialty wich explores the digestif system and related diseases. Including the alimentary canal, wich extends from to the anus, the liver, the bile ducts and the the pancreas.


Is the medical branch wich concerns respiratory pathologies.